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There Seems To Be A Problem
With this life thing you insist I try
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14th-Jun-2008 12:06 am - FIFTY SEVEN
Curse Words

Never again, world. Never again.
17th-May-2008 11:37 am - FIFTY SIX
Curse Words

'Shut up I'm waiting for a sign.'


My icon: there's some disney spirit for you.

I'm in a weird mood. SHHH.
10th-May-2008 06:47 pm - FIFTYFIVE
Disturbed Beyond Reason
Do ameobas have souls?
10th-May-2008 01:09 pm - FIFTY FOUR
Curse Words
I come to livejournal in the midsts of a busy day. There is a crisis at my work place that required me to go there last night after I had already gone out dancing with my friend Adopted Brother. He is... well he is a silly boy who hits on everything that moves.

I also bought Jello a sign... It is a neon custom made GIRLS sign usually used for, err, whore houses. I got strange looks. But Jello's birthday is on monday, and I thought she might need one.

So anyway, my workplace was all: AAA CRISIS SCOTTIE WE SUMMON THEE and I had no choice in the matter. It was... exhausting to be perfectly honest so excuse any typos.

In about an hour I am going to my friend Seagull's house. She is... well we might be dying my hair. Not all of it. It will be blue. I am excited.

Baxter is reading a comic book. I have told him he shouldn't strain his eyes, and his response was that he had none and what he read was none of my buisness. Stupid cactus needs some manners.

After Seagull and I turn ourselves different colors, I have to subway my way to Jello's where I will GIVE her the girls sign, and hope that since she is out with Scrawny Friend, she won't read this entry.

Also, I have a slurpy. !!! I know.

Oh, I will add a conversation that HM and I had with a tourist (though it was some time ago).
TOURIST MAN: Where is the pencil?
HM&SCOTTIE: Excuse me? The who? You need a pencil?
TOURIST MANS FAMILY: *look generally unhappy and embarassed*
TOURIST MAN: The pencil! Big ol' white thing! Sticks up?
SCOTTIE: A large white pencil? No...
HM: *burst of realization* The monument?
TOURIST MAN: YES! Isn't that what you natives call it? The pencil?
TOURIST MANS FAMILY: *turn varying shades of red*
SCOTTIE: What? *glances at the large washington monument, only two blocks away, sticking up over all the buildings*
HM: *points kindly... in the wrong direction* That way.
TOURIST MANS SON: DAD! It's sticking up! It's right there! Isn't that it?!?!
SCOTTIE: *is a sucker for teen angst about parents and sympathizes* Yes. That is it.
TOURISTS: *all look confused and leave*
HM: Damn you...

If that was you, or we have somehow otherwised harassed you while visiting DC, I apologize.
9th-May-2008 12:20 am - FIFTY THREE
kryptonite doesnt bother me either
Highschool Friend: find me a cool prom date!
Scottie::maniac laugh: I SHALL!
Hishschool Friend: I suddenly don't trust you
Scottie: You are to late! I am on my way! I go! I am on a quest. I shall work tirelessly until I have found you a suitable, strapping young man fit for the job!
Highschool Friend: what are your methods
Scottie: E HARMONY or perhaps myspace
Highschool Friend: I suddenly have the urge to retract my request...

I am going to find the most likley candidate for genital warts and send him to her with haste. She is a delicate one, and I may have to settle for an actually respectable boy. She is also only an inch taller than me. For this I love her.

mixithepixi: You are small and delicate!
mixithepixi: No! You are to delicate!

The girl asks for death. She begs me, but I am kind hearted, and would never do such a thing!

In other news, I am getting a hedgehog. He will be splendid. I read on a website about hedgehogs that they are nocturnal animals, which is excellent since I have been raised to believe that sleep is not a real necessity.

Thor and HM have joined in an alliance to buy me more thai food than my poor stomach can handle.

I am getting a pay check soon and Jello and I are going to go on the shopping spree of the century.

Also, I drew Cassandra Clare, authoress extraordinare, a bit of fan art, but am to lazy to scan it in tonight. But does anyone know a way I can get it to her? She wrote City of Bones which I am not quite finished reading but STRONGLY recommend. It is actually an excellent book. The thing that I like most is the misleading cliche that you think will be all, yes well it's to be expected, then while you in the middle of that thought Clare yanks it away from you in a refreshing burst of WTF. I also like how the teenagers actually speak like teenagers. I am tired of books were 19 year olds speak like old women and 17 year olds speak like little boys.
7th-May-2008 08:14 pm - FIFTY TWO
I. Am. So. Freaking. Bored.

Seriously, someone just shoot me. This pain, this boredom it is all too much for me to handle. I fear I am to delicate for such states of boredom.
6th-May-2008 10:11 pm - FIFTY ONE
Wanna Go Makeout?
Well I said I would do it. If anyone is surprised, well. It turned out to be more of a cross between fiction, what I have gathered from her journal, and things I put in that are part of other peoples life. It is because I take procrastination to the next level.

Without further adoCollapse )
3rd-May-2008 12:02 am - FIFTY
One Way
Have been neglecting journal. Do not have legit reason. Am much ashamed. I quit work to do a show for a month and a half, but I've fallen ill actually. I'm quite sad, but Thor and HM have been helping me manage. I do not think I have mentioned Thor before here. He is magnificent, and a dear friend, who is almost two feet taller than me (with no exaggeration, I swear the boy is 6'7 or 6'5). He also has long hair.

Jello is getting me a job as a technician at a television station. No more manual labour for this Scottie.

I have a head ache, and since I have left, Baxter has sneakily grown 7 flowers. SEVEN. I think he is pining for James, my current computer. I am ordering a new one on Sunday. Baxter is a delicate little specimen.

In other news, I am a pimp and a thief. Or a prostitute? And a thief. HM and Jello have both abandoned me. Jello to speak to RELATIVES and HM to clean his room. What is this madness? Madness?

19th-Apr-2008 10:01 pm - FORTY NINE
I Eat Brains
In the face of death by burning: What about this situation makes you think they want us to dance?!


New York was pleasent. I am at Jello's house. She is in the market of flesh and beautiful women. She is a merchant of love.

I thought you should know.
29th-Mar-2008 08:53 am - FORTY EIGHT
kryptonite doesnt bother me either
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