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There Seems To Be A Problem
With this life thing you insist I try
10th-May-2008 01:09 pm
Curse Words
I come to livejournal in the midsts of a busy day. There is a crisis at my work place that required me to go there last night after I had already gone out dancing with my friend Adopted Brother. He is... well he is a silly boy who hits on everything that moves.

I also bought Jello a sign... It is a neon custom made GIRLS sign usually used for, err, whore houses. I got strange looks. But Jello's birthday is on monday, and I thought she might need one.

So anyway, my workplace was all: AAA CRISIS SCOTTIE WE SUMMON THEE and I had no choice in the matter. It was... exhausting to be perfectly honest so excuse any typos.

In about an hour I am going to my friend Seagull's house. She is... well we might be dying my hair. Not all of it. It will be blue. I am excited.

Baxter is reading a comic book. I have told him he shouldn't strain his eyes, and his response was that he had none and what he read was none of my buisness. Stupid cactus needs some manners.

After Seagull and I turn ourselves different colors, I have to subway my way to Jello's where I will GIVE her the girls sign, and hope that since she is out with Scrawny Friend, she won't read this entry.

Also, I have a slurpy. !!! I know.

Oh, I will add a conversation that HM and I had with a tourist (though it was some time ago).
TOURIST MAN: Where is the pencil?
HM&SCOTTIE: Excuse me? The who? You need a pencil?
TOURIST MANS FAMILY: *look generally unhappy and embarassed*
TOURIST MAN: The pencil! Big ol' white thing! Sticks up?
SCOTTIE: A large white pencil? No...
HM: *burst of realization* The monument?
TOURIST MAN: YES! Isn't that what you natives call it? The pencil?
TOURIST MANS FAMILY: *turn varying shades of red*
SCOTTIE: What? *glances at the large washington monument, only two blocks away, sticking up over all the buildings*
HM: *points kindly... in the wrong direction* That way.
TOURIST MANS SON: DAD! It's sticking up! It's right there! Isn't that it?!?!
SCOTTIE: *is a sucker for teen angst about parents and sympathizes* Yes. That is it.
TOURISTS: *all look confused and leave*
HM: Damn you...

If that was you, or we have somehow otherwised harassed you while visiting DC, I apologize.
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