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There Seems To Be A Problem
With this life thing you insist I try
9th-May-2008 12:20 am
kryptonite doesnt bother me either
Highschool Friend: find me a cool prom date!
Scottie::maniac laugh: I SHALL!
Hishschool Friend: I suddenly don't trust you
Scottie: You are to late! I am on my way! I go! I am on a quest. I shall work tirelessly until I have found you a suitable, strapping young man fit for the job!
Highschool Friend: what are your methods
Scottie: E HARMONY or perhaps myspace
Highschool Friend: I suddenly have the urge to retract my request...

I am going to find the most likley candidate for genital warts and send him to her with haste. She is a delicate one, and I may have to settle for an actually respectable boy. She is also only an inch taller than me. For this I love her.

mixithepixi: You are small and delicate!
mixithepixi: No! You are to delicate!

The girl asks for death. She begs me, but I am kind hearted, and would never do such a thing!

In other news, I am getting a hedgehog. He will be splendid. I read on a website about hedgehogs that they are nocturnal animals, which is excellent since I have been raised to believe that sleep is not a real necessity.

Thor and HM have joined in an alliance to buy me more thai food than my poor stomach can handle.

I am getting a pay check soon and Jello and I are going to go on the shopping spree of the century.

Also, I drew Cassandra Clare, authoress extraordinare, a bit of fan art, but am to lazy to scan it in tonight. But does anyone know a way I can get it to her? She wrote City of Bones which I am not quite finished reading but STRONGLY recommend. It is actually an excellent book. The thing that I like most is the misleading cliche that you think will be all, yes well it's to be expected, then while you in the middle of that thought Clare yanks it away from you in a refreshing burst of WTF. I also like how the teenagers actually speak like teenagers. I am tired of books were 19 year olds speak like old women and 17 year olds speak like little boys.
10th-May-2008 04:20 am (UTC)
LOL...that conversation is awesome. XD

Yay for getting a hedgehog!
10th-May-2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
I know! I love hedgehogs they are SO CUTE. SO CUTE.
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